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Who we are


Removals and Furniture Storage La Seda S. L was created in the year 2016, we carry out all kinds of removals and transfers in all Spain, Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia and America as soon as possible, offering the most advanced service of packaging and protections so that their belongings Don’t be harmed. We Also have the best professionals in the area to make your move a success to ensure the best result. All our movings are insured by the leading insurance company ALLIANZ which ensures you don’t have to worry about anything. You Can Ask us for a quote without any obligation. It Is Very important that the international moving company that contract belongs to any of the major transport associations such as FEDEM, FEDEMAC, FROET and CETM and which can guarantee our daily work. Our International Moving Company is responsible for processing all the necessary documents in customs, economic, fast and at the best price. We Have a wide fleet of land, sea and air vehicles that adapt to any need for your move to go like silk. Part of our success is professionalism and commitment, we listen to the real needs and manage all the necessary paperwork with the best transport companies in each Country to make your international move a success.

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What we believe in

What do we believe In? As the title says, we consider ourselves more than a moving company, since our company participates in the SME project and ODS, led by COPAe and co-financed by AECID, whose objective is to improve our company’s path towards sustainability. From Moving and Furniture Repository La Seda We want to contribute our grain of sand in favor of a more sustainable world. For This we have the ECOEMBES seal that certifies our commitment to waste treatment in our offices. We have containers arranged by various points of our offices of specific use for waste disposal that have provided us from Ecoembes.

We Have signed an agreement with the ONG Proyecto Abraham under the slogan #SiTeMudasDona in which we commit to donate all those garments and furniture of our customers who no longer want and can give a second life for those who can Need. Finally we do not want to forget the amount of animal abandonment that unfortunately for our work and we spend many hours on the road we see more often than we would like this problem, that is why under the slogan #NoAbandonoAnimal we want to create Conscience for all those people who have to move and cannot take their pets that there are several better possibilities than to abandon them.


Calle Cisne, 9 Bajo 30009 Murcia

Avenida Pintor Baeza, 3 03010 Alicante

Plaza Carabineros, 7 Zapillo 04007 Almería

Calle Padre Pascual Suarez, 2 02002 Albacete

Calle Ciego de Arjona 3, 3A 18012 Granada


Murcia +34 868 93 13 97

Alicante +34 965 27 01 65

Málaga +34 951 550 460

Valencia +34 960 66 05 30

Albacete +34 967 77 00 16

Granada +34 958 87 00 03

Almeria +34 950 50 00 29

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