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International Furniture Repository

As A moving company international we take care of all the necessary steps until your furniture is deposited in our repository. We will collect all your furniture and belongings in the address of origin to proceed to the transfer to our repository, once the contract is finished proceed to deliver all the merchandise back to destination.


In Removals and Furniture Storage We know that sometimes you may have to keep your furniture and personal belongings because of a move or perhaps a comprehensive reform in your usual home and do not know where to do it, that’s why we offer the solution P Erfecta to your space problems.  The Repository Service is the perfect solution for the lack of space for all those furniture and personal belongings that do not have where to store them. That’S why in Mudanzas La Seda we offer as additional complement to our removal service the possibility of renting a furniture repository in your province. The price will depend on the amount of cubic meters and the time you need. It Is very important that your repository is always in perfect condition, that’s why we have the BIO Pest Control Company to keep our repository always clean and avoid possible moisture problems. Do Not worry about security, as we have surveillance cameras 24 hours a day and an anti-theft system thanks to the leading company of alarms SECURITAS DIRECT.



Etapas de una mudanza internacional

The Price of your international repository will always depend on the amount of cubic meters you will need to store all the furniture or equipment you want and also depend on the time you will need. Once the contract of our furniture storage service is signed, we will proceed to collect all the merchandise in the original address and then make the transfer completely to our furniture repository. The payment of the rent of furniture repository, and to offer the utmost comfort to our clients, we will proceed to domicile the monthly payment to our account number automatically and periodically at the beginning of each month. Remember that you will only pay for the space and time you are going to need. Additionally, the transfer of all your furniture will be budgeted to the address you have returned to us. Our Moving company takes charge at all times of transportation.

Space Problems? We offer You the possibility to rent an international furniture repository at the best price and with the best guarantee.


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