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How Much does an international move cost?

From experience we know that one of the most important expenses you will find when you move to a foreign Country is to find and hire an international moving company that takes care of all the efforts and offers you the best price. Precisely because there are many variables that affect the price of international moves, it is difficult to calculate the exact price. However, below you have an estimate of the cost of an international shipment from Spain to some countries. In Removals and Storage La Seda we know that the price of a move from Spain to abroad depends on many factors to keep in mind that we then name.

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6 factors that can affect the cost of your move

    1. The volume of Your Move: Depends On the size and weight of your move the price will be different, for example how many more expensive transport objects will be your move, ie if you plan to move your entire house is possible that the cost of your move increase.
    1. The Distance: Of course the distance is a very important factor to take into account, depending on the amount of kilometers you have to travel to move your goods, it is possible that the price varies.
    1. Combined Groupage Removals: In Our moving company we offer you two options, such as combined removals or individual removals. Sometimes you may share your route and vehicle with other customers who are making a similar move. This means that your international move can be much more economical than an exclusive move abroad.
    1. Type of transport: as a rule it is important to mention that air transport is the most expensive transport service, however making an international move through shipping is cheaper.
    1. Moving Insurance: Our Moving Company has a complete insurance thanks to the leader company of Seguros ALLIANZ to make your travel insurance move assured at all times, because in case of damage you can recover the value of your belongings once valued by The expert.
  1. Season: We Recommend that you make your international move in the winter months, because in summer we receive many requests for removals so the prices can be expensive due to the demand.

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Did you Know that the Spanish do not need visas within the European Community?

As a member of the European Union, it is not necessary to issue a VISA to be able to enter any Country in Europe. It Is Very important to verify that you have in force the DNI and passport. [/vc_column_text] [Vc_empty_space height = "50px" alter_height = "none" Hide_on_mobile = "" CSS = ". vc_custom_1553679963226 {margin-top:-1.5 rem! important;}"] [Vc_column_text]

International Moving Prices

We Know that calculating the exact price of an international move is not an easy task because we must contemplate different factors that can affect the final price. Below we show you the ostentatious prices of making an international move from Spain to the most requested countries. We Recommend that you contact our moving company so that a commercial can listen to your needs and offer you a tight budget.

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